Our Services


In addition to outstanding housekeeping services, Walia & sons can expand its daily procedures to also include maintenance services. Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide services ranging from everyday repairs to comprehensive energy audits, and everything in between.

We provide preventive maintenance on HVAC systems, emergency generators, fire protection systems and other equipment’s. Repairs on Plumbing and of your facility’s systems and if necessary, we take care of subcontracting the work of companies who live up to our stringent standards of quality, reliability, and value. We’ll even conduct an energy audit within the first six months of each new contract. By tracking monthly and annual energy costs, we are able to set a practical energy use target for your facility, helping you to control costs and add the savings to your bottom line.


Electrical services generally include planning and estimating cost of electrical works for renovation projects, resolving problems of electrical distribution and power quality and conducting tests on components or equipment’s related to networks systems.

Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation
We undertake the operation, services and maintenance of the air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems for various buildings on and off campus. In additions, planning, projects monitoring, and installation of air –conditioning systems under retrofit of renovations, and that for new developments are also undertaken. The various ACMV services available and etc include.

  • Operation, servicing & maintenance
  • Replacement or installation of new individual air-conditioners
  • Upgrading or retrofitting of existing systems

Elevator Operations

  • Attending to the lift as per company timings.
  • Proper co-ordination with the OEM's who area having service contract with our clients.
  • D.G sets operator
  • Daily test & keep the generator in good working condition.
  • Ensure the generator batteries are always charges and tested daily.


  • Water management like continuous checking of water pressure, meter reading operational costs, inflow /outflow center.
  • Maintenance of W.C, Flush tanks various values etc.
  • Detection and rectification of any leakage in plumping line.


Our unique method of cleaning carpets allows your carpets to dry faster after cleaning. We can take out many of the tough spots and stubborn stains the other cleaners leave behind our product work. They are environmentally friendly and safe for your collegue, staff, children and pets.

We deodorize your carpets leaving a clean citrus smell. We dry and groom each fiber giving your carpets that new look and clean feel. Our uniform carpets care technical is specially trained to assure our customers the highest quality standards in the carpets cleaning industry.

Our industrial equipment’s steam cleaning process will effectively remove soil from the bottom of your carpet fibers, where dirt filters and allergens settle.

Our technicians are honest non- commissioned professional that give the best services, to keep your carpets and upholstery looking clean year around we guarantee all of our work to assure complete customers satisfaction.


We also provide services to control the proliferation of common pests like hornets, houseless, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, termites, etc.


  • Custom 2 coat painting and prime
  • Dry wall repair and wall papering
  • Free estimates and color samples
  • Masking all floors , windows , doors , hardware and furniture as necessary
  • Removing all nails from walls and repairing holes
  • Removing all dirt and debris from walls and base boards
  • Sanding and caulking as necessary
  • Applying high quality interior paint finishes coat.


We offer a comprehensive range of Guest House Care-taking and Maintenance Services to the satisfaction of the customer.


In horticulture services we are providing services for lawn maintenance, cutting of trees, maintaining of all indoor & outdoor plants we are also providing all seasonal plants.


We help both companies and individuals to navigate the ever-changing world of work. Extensive experience in providing recruitment, training, assessment and selection, outsourcing and consulting services means we can help you make sense of the forces shaping tomorrow's workplace.


We can help by providing contract labour for administrative and semi-skilled jobs such as telephone operators as well as for special events such as office lunches, dinners and parties.


We have a team of pantry boys who are well dressed, smart and soft-spoken to serve you better and always giving you a cheerful smile.


Before plunging into action to provide optimum quality Event Management Services, we thoroughly understand the underlying complexities and difficulties, thereafter we actually organize the event. Our endeavor is always to maximize the felicity of our respected clients by introducing new and innovative concepts in our event management services. Apart from paying close attention to each and every possible detail, we offer least prices in the industry for our event management services.

Where we provide our services

    • Commercial / Office Location
    • Industrial / Manufacturing / Warehousing Location
    • Retail Location
    • Restaurant / Pantry /Cafeteria Location
    • Educational Institution Location
    • Apartment / Shopping Mall
    • Guest Houses
    • Hotels and Entertainment parks, etc

Complete Infrastructure

To carry out our cleaning and housekeeping services efficiently, we are equipped with all the necessary mechanized and manual cleaning equipment. Our tooling division is an asset to our company as it is adept in providing services to just any industry. The various equipment that we have include the following:
    • Counter dusters
    • Cleaning brushes
    • Mop wringers
    • Wet floor signs
    • Mop heads
    • Mop sticks
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Pool cleaning equipment
    • Double head corner cleaning machine
    • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Chemicals we use

Johnson Diversey / Taski
    • Taski R1 Bathroom Cleaner-Cum-Sanitiser Concentrate
    • Taski R2 Hygenic Hard surface Cleaner
    • Taski R3 Glass Cleaner Concentrate
    • Taski R4 Furniture maintenance
    • Taski R5 Air Freshner
    • Taski R6 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    • Taski R7Floor Cleaner Concentrate
    • Glo Metal Polish
    • Taski TR101 Carpet Shampoo
    • Tannin Stain Remover Specially For Coffee & Tea Spots On Carpet
    • Complete Low-Maintenance, High Durability Floor Finish